My Barn

My four-legged family members:

If you know me, you know my pets.  I have always had a house full of animals: dogs, cats, birds, mice, rabbits, and turtles.  Always more than one species at a time.  I think that the relationships I have always had with my animals has motivated me to stay vegetarian for most of my life.  I am an only child, so my animals were really my siblings, and were always treated as equals in my house.  All our animals have nicknames in addition to their proper name.


My Angel. He is a 6-year old blue Persian from Scrufty’s Cattery in Maine.  He is perfection.  He loves the smell of cleaning products, fresh bedding, watching TV, and ice cream.


Mr. Lu

Peace and Love. Mr. Lu is my mom’s first Persian.  We bought him from a breeder who used to co-own a local pet supply store.  He is a cat version of the Hippy Dippy Weather Man.  He loves cheese, being carried around like a monkey, and being sung to.  He is our oldest pet at 12 years old.


Mommy Cat. Violet is my mom’s cat – we got her as a tiny rescue kitten 5 years ago, and think she used to be feral.  She came to us starving, and completely fearless – she walked out of her crate with her tail up in the air when we brought her home to our crazy house.  She’s the mom to Desdemonia and Kevin (RIP).  She loves hunting and going for walks with the dogs.  She is best friends with Fiona.


The Little Sister. Desdemonia was born in our house – she’s Violet and Ben’s (RIP) daughter. She was born defiant – when she was a few days old, she kept walking away from the whelping box into the closet. Every time Violet brought her back to the box, she’d escape and try to go her own way again.  She loves keeping me company, Whisker Lickins cat treats, and Fiona.


The Ballerina.  Kenya is our newest addition.  She came to us from the Briarcliff SPCA.  She is a snuggly, cuddly, loving little girl.  She loves being held and pet, and is the tamest of all our animals.  We call her Giselle because she is like a ballerina -she loves running, jumping, leaping, and twirling.  She has become best friends with Moondog, and is extra gentle with him, never using her claws.


Curlicue. Patrick is my mom’s first Irish Terrier.  He flew in from Dublin in a homemade crate made out of plywood, chicken wire, and cedar shavings.  He is the funniest of all our pets, especially when he smiles.   He recognizes when he’s being funny and hams it up to get a rise out of people. He loves my mom, getting groomed, and shopping.


Tick-tack-toenails/ The Instigator.  Fiona is our second Irish Terrier – she’s about 6 months younger than Patrick.  She is very high energy and highly intelligent – she will jump up on the table to eat the cat food when you leave the room, take empty cans of catfood out of our recycling bin, open doors, etc.  If I’m a female version of Cesar Millan, Fiona is my Daddy.  She loves learning new things, and she’s an expert at reading people’s energy.  She loves walking and hiking, having a job, sleeping under your covers, and being sneaky.  Violet is her best friend, and every animal we’ve ever had contact with loves Fiona, including the cows that we pass on our hikes through the Rockefeller preserves.


Grace Kelly, Grace Ellen, Gracie Clementine.

Our latest rescue from West Virginia.  Her mom was a chained dog and lost every litter of puppies except for her last one, who survived because a rescue organization intervened.  She was the runt of the litter, but she can hold her own.  She’s pushy, independent, smart, obedient, and sweet.  She wakes up every morning like she won the lotto.

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