Adopt Jynx!

7/24/14 Update: Jynx has been adopted!

I just called Tails of Courage and their adoption coordinator let me know that Jynx was adopted by a gentleman in May, who has completely fallen in love with her.  Yay for Jynx and the sweet man who adopted this special girl.  My heart is full!  For a video about her update, see this post! 

It’s been a month and a half since little Gracie Clementine has come into my life.

gracie 2

I have wanted a puppy for years, and I always knew that my next dog would be a rescue.  Since 2008 I have wanted a German Shepherd, because I wanted a protective, intelligent, and easy to train breed.

Low and behold, I found this little girl at Tails of Courage in Danbury, CT.  As soon as they brought her out, I knew she was the one.  She was sold to us as a “Boston Terrier/Feist mix” but I think she’s a miniature Pitbull/Shepherd mix.


She is one of the best dogs I’ve ever owned – smart, obedient, eager to please, playful, and loving.  Very good energy from the get-go.

She’s such a good girl, in fact, that my mom and I decided to contact the woman who had fostered her to thank her for doing such a good job.

It was at that time that we found out about Gracie’s story.

Gracie’s mother, Jynx, spent her entire life in West Virginia on the end of a chain.  Since she didn’t have the freedom to move around, she was impregnated by stray dogs each time she went into heat (twice a year).  For those of you who don’t know, pregnancy is a lot on dogs under the best circumstances – even responsible breeders and organizations like Guiding Eyes for the Blind will only breed their dogs a small number of times.

Jynx gave birth multiple times, and each time, all her puppies died.  That is, up until this last litter.  A rescue organization saw Jynx and the puppies and convinced her owner to surrender her.  He relented, and they took the poor girl under their wing.  Her puppies were all infested with scabies, mange, and worms.  They have received more medical care in their first four months than probably my eleven year-old Irish Terriers have in their lifetime.


Jynx is now up for adoption.

All her teeth are worn away from trying to chew through her chain to get to her puppies.  She is insanely smart, playful, and sweet, and will make a wonderful companion for a fun family.  The woman who fostered her said that she is scarily intelligent.  As a matter of fact, while they were fostering her, the woman needed to separate Gracie from her siblings because she was the runt and wasn’t getting the chance to eat enough food.  The woman left Jynx and her puppies outside and kept Gracie inside.  They were separated by a dog door with multiple boxes in front of it.  By the time the woman came home, Jynx had moved all the boxes aside so that she could enter the home through the dog door to get to Gracie.

Can you help this girl get the home she deserves?

If so, contact Tails of Courage in Danbury –  (877) 638-2457

Visit them online here


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