Original Poem: Poem for my Father

Poem for my Father

I picture you,
your face lightly colored
and unlike the other boys —
no matter how long the Caribbean sun
shines down on you,
your skin remains, as always,
not black, not white.
Maybe you’re not really human.

Heavy eyes,
as heavy as this burden you’ve
given me,
stare and watch,
saving for the apocalypse.

You, the scared little boy,
saw joy in me.
Take my hand now,
lead me to this place
of beauty.

up in the sky
no one knows us,
we will be free,
if that’s what you want.

I let go of your hand now,
the pull of the moon
adopts me,
its unearthly craters
feel strange to my skin, but
I am able.

The moon circulates
and orbits my home,

the universe’s force
cushions my back,

And looking out at it all,
I still think of only you.

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