An Open Plea to AMC: Bring Back The Killing for Season 4!

killing linden holder

I’m not ready to say a forever goodbye to The Killing.

I simply refuse to believe that there is a possibility that this show might be cancelled like it was last year!

(Includes Season 3 spoilers)

First off – that finale!

Holy crow – were you expecting Skin-man to be the bad guy?  I certainly wasn’t, but I had a sneaking suspicion that when Linden let her pants, I mean guard down that shit was gonna fly.  I mean, this is the woman seems in a state of  perpetual unhappiness, except for when she is either running or working.  Linden just couldn’t have one night of fun.  I can relate.  Any time a lady finds a guy, there’s always a problem.  Talk about sleeping with the enemy.  Poor Linden.  She should just have some habanero jelly eggs and call it a sex life.

I have to say, I want suit Holder to come back.  As much as I love his jeans/member’s only jacket ensemble, I liked when he was stepping up his game a bit and trying to look a bit more sleek and professional.  What can I say? I love a man in a suit.

The chemistry between these two just can’t be ignored.  I loved Holder teasing Linden about sleeping with the boss, and I loved that she commented on his cleaned-up goatee.

killing linden gun

Finally, I so love how they handled the moment of realization as Linden sees that Skinner is the killer.  There are no words, just her pale, stoic face growing wide-eyed in absolute terror as she sees the man she has been involved with has abducted and brutally murdered over a dozen young women.

the killing

And we don’t really know for sure if Kallie is dead, but I’d say the fact that Skinner’s daughter is wearing her ring is proof enough.

What do you think?  Have you head enough of this show, or are you ready for more like I am?

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2 replies

  1. A) resolution of Kallie – although I cannot imagine Skinner leaving her alive – but how to discover the body?
    B) resolution of Linden – she did ‘execute’ the monster (Skinner)

    Somehow – Linden ‘on trial’ doesn’t seem nearly as interesting as does Linden working on a fresh case. That said, yes I would watch a 4th season of The Killing.

    Speaking of Holder, have you seen Joel Kinnaman in the Swedish movie Easy Money? Check out the review on my site.

  2. Interesting point about Linden executing the monster within Skinner – never thought of it that way! Poor girl, she seems to never catch a break. Agreed that Linden on trial is not as interesting as the duo working on a new case – that would almost be like the last season of the X-Files. Haven’t seen Easy Money but I will definitely check out your post – thanks so much for reading and commenting!

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