Poem of the Week: Cops by Jim Carroll

Jim Caroll

patti smith jim carroll



I notice that cops are often tense
Often awkward people

in getting off buses cops don’t wait
for the green light to indicate the door is open
leaving them pounding on it
and disturbing my nod

cops lack imagination.
who that carries a gun so close to his thigh
possesses imagination?

how can cops
with their awkwardness
and feeble imagination
even begin to think of themselves as good sex partners?

you would laugh
at a cop in bed.

cops are paranoid
they jitter as they walk
they don’t breathe air easily

realizing my basic freedom
I breathe the air quire easily
as I walk to places where I see less cops.

Some people seem to like cops
I, for one, do not dig these mother fuckers.

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