Mad Men, “The Collaborators”: Jabba the Hut Re-Emerges

Mad Men Haunted Past

Rule #66: Mix it up a little. You can’t always be the man with the haunted past.

Wedding Crashers is not the typical movie you’d think of while watching Mad Men, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  Don Draper’s haunted past is finally catching up with him.  Yes, he’s finally showing signs of aging, and, maybe it’s just me – but he’s not as hot anymore!  Nonetheless, it’s apparent that everyone wants to be Don Draper – if Peggy tries any harder to accomplish this she’ll start growing chest hair.  So far, this season is so-so to me.  Nothing’s gotten me totally hooked just yet, but it’s still early in the season.
Mad Men The Collaborators

Just a few notes about the latest episode:

  • Megan’s miscarriage.  Hmm.  And now she’s hinting that she wants another baby?  Just what that couple needs – something to complicate their uber-healthy relationship even more.
  • Watching Pete kiss that woman brought me back to the 7th grade.  That was about as sexy as two kids with a retainer or braces with rubber bands making out.  Yuck.  Don Draper, you are not.
  • Harry’s sideburns look like carpet samples.
  • On Joan’s reply to Herb: “And I know there’s a part of you you haven’t seen in years.”  Way to nail it, Joan.  The return of sweaty Jabba the Hut!  And just another example of Joan’s quick wit and mind. Speaking of Joan, way to bust out the double-breasted jumper for her character.  Could that be any less flattering?
  • My favorite moment of the episode? Don’s face as Joan announces Herb’s arrival.  That was the highlight of the episode for me.  That, plus the fact that Don so cooly refused to shake Herb’s hand. 
  • Pete getting busted for his affair.  You deserve it, you asshole!  How many people have wives who say, “all I wanted was for you to be discreet!”  Oh wait, that would be ALL the men in Mad Men!  I have to wonder, is Trudy finally waking up to see what a snake her husband really is, or is her newfound set of balls a sign of changing times?  We’ll have to see… 

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