Who Can Take a Sunrise…? Leo’s the Candy Man!

leonardo dicaprio dog

“Would you take candy from Leonardo DiCaprio?”

…Matt Donnelly of Yahoo asks.

Why, certainly.  I’d take candy and then some.

Apparently, dreamboat DiCaprio “is teaming up with some famous pals to promote natural treats in time for Easter, via Unreal Candy.”  One of these famous pals happens to be his ex, Gisele Bundchen.  Interesting.  If I were her, I’d invite him over, snag some natural chocolate or caramel, open a bottle of Patron, and see where things went…

Leo said in a statement:

“By working together to better understand the health of both people and the environment, we can produce healthier food that will benefit large populations of people while minimizing our impact on the planet.”

Is it just me, or does Leo keep improving with age?

He is not unlike those blissfully unhealthy grocery-store birthday cakes that I used to eat with relish in my past life — so artificial were their ingredients in their buttercream goodness that a bomb could detonate at Indian Point and the only thing left standing would be cockroaches and the birthday cake.

Leo, good luck on your latest venture!  Now if I could only convince you to go vegetarian…

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