Music for your Yoga Practice

yoga-musicHappy Spring!

By now I think everyone is aware of my obsession love of spin music.

But since I also try to practice yoga on a regular basis, I’ve come up with a playlist specifically for the Namaste.

I should say that this music is more for an energetic yoga flow — I don’t really listen to the traditiona, super-zen music that you listen to while you’re in corpse pose.  I appreciate that, I just don’t have any suggestions for that type of music!  I really love it when a yoga teacher can choreograph a good flow to their playlist — it’s like a hug from Jesus.

Here are 15 Songs for Your Yoga Practice:

Alanis Morissette: Thank You
Beatles: Blackbird
Blur: Coffee and TV
Cat Stevens: The Wind
Chris Cornell: Sunshower
Coldplay: Don’t Panic
Dave Matthews Band: Typical Situation (the acoustic version with Tim Reynolds from the Live at Luther College recording is even better!)
Elton John: Tiny Dancer
George Harrison: My Sweet Lord
Gomez: We Haven’t Turned Around
Jewel: Hands
Led Zeppelin: That’s The Way
Madonna: Ray of Light
Rod Stewart: Every Picture Tells a Story

For more yoga playlists, head over to Mind Body Green, where they have playlists as well as articles about yoga music!

Happy Practicing!

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