Mad Men Season 6 Promo Pics

Mad Men Season 6 Artwork

Hello again, Don Draper.  Or is it Dick Whitman?  Or is it both?

Slashfilm has posted the official Season 6 poster, along with a very interesting post questioning the possible themes represented by the artwork.   Best of all, Angie Han totally hits the nail on the head by describing the poster as “sketchy.”

Am I the only one who thought immediately of September 11th when they say the airplane flying near the buildings? Clearly, airlines have played an important role to Sterling-Cooper (Draper-Price) over the seasons, so it’s not as though it’s out of place — but it is striking nonetheless.  So is the prescence of the police, who haven’t played a large role at all thus far.  Will Don have to fess up to his haunted past?  This is becoming awfully soap opera-esque.

And I do not know what to make of these new Season 6 Gallery pics:

Is Gene alive?

Pete’s receding hairline could be a bit more subtle.

Horribly unflattering dress, and what era is that from?

Come and play with us, Danny…

That’s more like it! Love Joan.

Bride of Frankenstein, much?

I can’t tell if Mad Men will attempt to continue an upward trajectory with Season 6, or if it will start its descent downward as the series begins the inevitable conclusion of its arc.   Season 5 was met with mixed reviews, mostly due to the taming of Don’s character and the addition of his +1, the uber-annoying and toothy Jessica Pare.  The Season 5 finale ended with an extremely vague tone, almost like Matthew Weiner was holding up a big sign saying, “Discuss: We’ll be back in a year.” 

The teaser trailer is about as useful as a poopy-flavored lollipop, wouldn’t you say?

What do you think?

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