Is Leo Taking the Road Home?

Leonardo Dicaprio

Dreamboat DiCaprio might not be taking the long break from acting that he originally intended.

Apparently, Leo is being eyed to tackle another novel-based film, this one set during The Great Depression by Michael Armour called The Road Home.  The film will be directed and produced by Scott Cooper, and according to

The Road Home is a Depression-era drama that focuses on Creek, a war-scarred rancher on the Central California coast who finds himself entangled in scandal when he is asked to investigate the brutal murder of a local man, a case that local police have swept under the rug.

Sounds pretty cool, although I admit that would be a bit surprised at Leo’s jumping into this so quickly, given his recent enthusiasm for wanting a little bit of a vacation from his apparent on-screen vacationing.

Nothing like a cure for yet another Oscar snub like making out with a bikini-clad blonde who looks like she emerged from the womb with airbrushed skin.

We’ll just have to wait and see. 

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