Happy 70th Birthday, George Harrison!


Today marks what would have been George Harrison’s 70th birthday.

Although arguably less famous than John Lennon and Paul McCartney, George was the “quiet” Beatle — the sensitive introvert, if you will.  While McCartney and Lennon seemed to churn out songs like James Patterson does novels, Harrison remained quietly in the backdrop, penning lyrics to songs like “Here Comes the Sun” or “Something.”  Hell, even Peter Tosh covered “Here Comes the Sun!”

Like his fellow Beatle members, George was a visionary.


He was immensely interested in the Hare Krishma movement of the 1960s and his involvement with Indian culture is expressed through much of his solo work.

George Harrison Ravi Shankar

George organized the Concert for Bangladesh with Ravi Shankar in 1971, a musical movement that paved the way for such events as Live Aid in the 1980s (a concert raising money for the famine in Ethiopia).

Here are my favorite George Harrison songs, in no particular order. 

Here Comes the Sun:

Old Brown Shoe:


While My Guitar Gently Weeps:


It’s All Too Much:

My Sweet Lord:


Beware of Darkness:

All Things Must Pass:

And, as a bonus, here is the phenomenal tribute performance of “Wah Wah” at the Royal Albert Hall from The Concert for George from 2003.:

If you haven’t seen, or better more, if you don’t own a copy of The Concert for George, get thee to Amazon and purchase it.  Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Tom Petty, Ringo Starr, Sir Paul McCartney, Ravi Shankar, and George’s son, Dhani absolutely blow the roof off the place.  This is by far one of the best concerts I’ve seen, and an appropriate tribute to the man.

The Concert for George sounds best with surround-sound speakers, but a regular old tv will do as well.

What are your favorite George Harrison songs?

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