Allison Williams’ Sex Scenes: It’s a Family Affair

williams family

The Williamses are quite the Modern Family.

Brian Williams, who knew that beneath all that tan pancake makeup that he was such a liberal guy?

According to DailyMail, Allison Williams watches Girls with her father, including all the racy sex scenes:

Actress Allison Williams says that she has no qualms about watching her sex scenes with her famous father, journalist Brian Williams.

Allison, who stars in the hit HBO show Girls, said that because she is so close with her parents and gives them a warning of what happens in the risqué scenes, they are all able to enjoy the episodes together.

‘I have every season- there have only been two- but so far we’ve watched all of the episodes for the first time together,’ she told Anderson Cooper on his talk show on Thursday.

Well alrighty then.  Call me old fashioned, but I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable sitting down with my mom and a bowl of Orville Redenbacher and watching myself make out furiously in my underwear or writhing around while I double-clicked my mouse.  I think maybe if it were a classier movie with a love scene, I’d be okay with it.  But Girls is utter crap.  I hate every single character on that show, and moreover, I hate the fact that Allison Williams won’t admit that her famous father helped her get on the show to begin with.

They can all go to hell.

But that’s just me.

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7 replies

  1. Brian Williams is smug. It seems Allison Williams has not fallen far from the tree. She seems too self satisfied by her wanna be irony. She tries hard. Annoying.

  2. Its beyond creepy that her Dad watches her masturbate on her show. They are really conservative but try very very hard to appear liberal and cool. Totally weird.

    • I thought so, too. I mean I’m liberal to a point but that whole show just irritates me. Every “racy” scene seems gratuitous and appears to be trying too hard.

      • Agreed. Its all self important drivel. Strikes me as privileged kids trying HARD to be sardonic / expressive / relevant. Its all boring and self absorbed to me. Glad someone else gets it. Don’t mean to knock their art though. At least they are creating something. That said, Allison Williams seems very, “I’ve arrived” (swoosh of the breck hair) in her own mind. off putting.

  3. just to clarify – liberal and cool never includes watching your child in sexual moments – acting or real. That’s just sick – perverted.

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