James Cameron Goes Vegan

Hollywood director James Cameron has recently made the switch over to a vegan lifestyle.

The man has given me Titanic, and now he’s given up animal products?  Now if he’d just gift me a sum of 10 million dollars in a Swiss bank account, he’d have satisfied all my needs.  Nicely done, sir.

Speaking of which, when are we going to start a petition to get Leonardo Dicaprio to go meat-free?

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2 replies

  1. Leo does a lot for the environment and raising awareness for causes, therefore I give him permission to eat a hamburger every once in a while 😀
    This may be a paradox of sorts, but heck, the man has an environmentally safe condo!

    James Cameron should definitely give us all 10 million in a Swiss bank account.

  2. Oh, I know he does. That’s why I wish he’d follow that lifestyle through and at least do a Meatless Monday or something. Not that we know he doesn’t, but still 🙂

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