Happy Birthday, Kate Winslet!

Happy Belated Birthday to the beautiful, talented, Emmy Award-Winning, Oscar Award-Winning actress, Kate Winslet.

On Friday, October 5th, Kate Winslet turned 37.  Thirty-fucking-seven.  When did I get old?  That means she’s going to turn 40 soon, and that is just way too fucking scary.  I’m still supposed to be under 20, and she’s supposed to be 25, a number that sounds so old to me I think turning that age myself will mean I finally feel like a grown up.  (For the record, I’m almost 29, and I still feel like I’m 10.)

Oh Kate, you continue to inspire me to stay fit and healthy, to pursue my dreams, and to be myself.  And the only woman who I would cross the heterosexual line for.

In my dream world, we are roommates, and I am skinny enough to borrow your clothes.  We go to parties for mutual friends in the film business.  We share each other’s size 11 shoes.

But for now, I’ll just be satisfied with watching your movies, waiting with bated breath for your next release.  And on a personal note, Kate – thanks for sharing your body with us onscreen.

My favorite Kate Winslet movies:

Carnage (2011), Nancy Cowan

Kate showcases her sarcastic, biting sense of humor in this Polanski film based on the play by Yasmina Reza, “The God of Carnage.”  She is icy and proper in her pencil skirt and pumps, but her facade suddenly goes to hell (as it does for the rest of the cast) when she projectile vomits cobbler in one of the most talked about scenes in 2011.  She is just pitch-perfect, and you can see how her acting ability is always improving.

The Reader (2008), Hanna Schmitz

What can be said about The Reader that hasn’t already been said?  While it’s not my absolute favorite of Kate’s films (I still maintain that her Oscar should have been given to her for Eternal Sunshine), Kate disappears into this role like nothing I’ve seen.  She is fearless in her portrayal of Hanna, a simple tram operator who begins an intense physical relationship with a boy half her age (beautiful David Kross), only to turn into an SS Guard for the Nazis in Auschwitz.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), Clementine Kruczynski

My absolute favorite Kate Winslet movie.  Charlie Kaufman’s masterpiece is centered on two people who meet by chance on a train.  If I am Joel, played by Jim Carrey, who is awkward, shy, and clumsy, then Clementine, blue-haired, sexy, boisterous, and flirtatious, is the woman I have always wanted to be.  In her muse-like state, she remains far from perfect, and all of her shenanigans mask a much deeper, slightly-damaged heart and soul.  Their quirks bind them together – the film does not romanticize relationships or create caricatures of its characters – it just makes you want to fall in love and be in love.

Quills (2000), Maddy LeClerc

A sexy laundrymaid who conspires to spread the writings of the Marquis de Sade?  Enough said.

Holy Smoke (1999), Ruth

This movie just exudes sexiness.  I love that Ruth, the presumed insane, cult-member daughter of a kind yet simple-minded couple, turns out to be the most sane character in the film.

Titanic (1997) Rose DeWitt Bukater

What more can I say about Titanic?  Winslet is like a beautiful porcelain doll hiding a deeply wounded soul.  To think that she auditioned for and played this role at ages 19 and 20 just blows my mind. 

Jude (1996) Sue Bridehead

Based on the novel Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy, this British film documents a country boy’s (Christopher Eccleston) struggle to improve his life and find the love of his life.  Winslet plays his love interest, a doggedly independent and opinionated young woman who is perfectly sexy and irresistible.  Unfortunately, their affair ends in absolute tragedy, leaving viewers with a number of haunting images.  Love.

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