Paranormal Activity 4: All the Activity Has Led to This

Paranormal Activity hits theaters on October 19th, and I cannot wait.

Paramount just released another Paranormal Activity 4 trailer, which I stumbled across on  here on Bloody Disgusting.  Here it is:

I believe this is to be the final installment of the Paranormal Activity series, as the film’s tagline is “All the activity has led to this…”

If it is indeed the final chapter, I will be sad to see it go.  The PA movies are like a warm blanket that I wrap around myself each October in the midst of my horror movie marathons.  The voyeuristic quality of these movies make them so much fun to watch – either by yourself, alone in a dark room, or in an adrenaline-packed movie theater full viewers screaming and jumping in their seats.

This film apparently takes place in 2011, 5 years after the events of PA1 and PA2, when a possessed Katie went on a rampage and killed Micah, Kristi, and Daniel.  I’m happy to see that this installment of the series brings us to the present tense, partially because it means the quality of the “found footage” will improve.  I also felt that the last movie, PA3, set in the late 80s, left too many questions unanswered and actually contradicted events of the previous two films, such as:

– If Katie’s mother was killed, then why does Micah refer to her as being alive in the first film?

– Whatever happened to the fire in Katie and Kristi’s house?

Paranormal Activity 4 will document the strange events witnessed by Alice ever since a woman and her little boy move in across the street.  We are to assume that the woman is Katie and the little boy is Hunter (renamed Robbie).

A few thoughts on the trailer:

– Anything involving a creepy kid scares the shit out of me.

– This film takes place in Henderson, NV, but it is apparently required that every house in the Paranormal Activity series look exactly the same.

– Spooky Kinect? Clever, clever.

– I didn’t know that Jonathan Groff had a kid brother who was trying to break into the acting industry.

– Alice looks a bit like Katie Featherston, no?

– We finally get to see baby Hunter again, I think?

I’m hoping for a big ah-ha moment in this film that ties everything together, or, at the very least, some scary, cover-your-eyes-with-your-coat moments.

On my signal, unleash hell!

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  1. Νo estoy plenamente dde acuerdo con llo comentado, pero me paarece
    bien el trɑsfondo.Un saludo!

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