Patrick is Okay!

Our Curlicue’s biopsy turned out to be a fatty cyst!

Whew.  We are so thrilled.  This just goes to show you how important it is to get more than one opinion with your pet.  Our regular vet thought it was a massive tumor, and x-rayed it with inconclusive results.  He suggested exploratory surgery to possibly remove the mass, which would be a large, involved procedure given its size.

Instead of doing that, my mom took Patrick to the veterinary specialists, who interpreted the x-ray as being an artifact, thought the cyst on his right leg looked completely symmetrical to the left, and only biopsied a small cyst at the base of this larger mass on his leg.  It turns out the entire thing was composed of fatty cells – no cancer or other infection.

Now we can enjoy our weekend!  Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and prayers.


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  1. I am glad it was nothing serious. Enjoy your time with Patrick:)

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