Django Unchained, First Trailer

The new trailer for Django Unchained is finally here, in all it’s politically incorrect glory:

All I have to want to say about this trailer is:

The music.  Johnny Cash’s “Ain’t No Grave” followed by James Brown’s “The Payback.”  That sums it up fairly simply.

Beautiful cinematography.

The one-liners: “Last chance, fancy-pants.”

The zoom-in on Leo’s face at 1:22.  A gift from Jesus for all the .gif creators in cyberspace.

Leo’s extremely long straw.

Jamie Foxx’s hair is just exaggerated enough to be funny.

The title with the arms busting open Django’s chains.  The flashing text: “Django is off the chain”

This could either be brilliantly satirical and un-PC, or it could bomb really badly and look like one of the Scary Movie films.  I hope Leo’s not a tightass.

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